*tries to be funny and gets assassinated*


o captain! my captain!

walt whitman

(outfit is based on the retrace 93 color spread)

Kuroshitsuji CHP. 92 / Ciel Phantomhive 

molly bought me this nicely dressed bear after we watched bears

Official Arts by Toi8

molly and i watched bears today

im still so pissed that apparently squirtle is called squirtle because its a squirrel-turtle i always thought it was called that because its a turtle that squirts water
and then blastoise is called that because it BLASTS water 

most of my time ive been on tumblr i was 14 and 15 years old and ive been drawing the whole time and people have been putting themselves down like crazy because “youre so young!!! 1! how draw so young ??!1/?? why are NOT EMBRRASS ING URSELF WITH SONIC OCS??1/!?!!!” and now that I just turned 16
magic nobody would dare say that now


It takes me a really long time to come to realizations.

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The main theme of the Rebellion Story.


ykno, this was supposed to be practice for another full bodied picture of chell and it took me 4+ hours. well, here ya go folks.

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i deleted the original audio i used in my youtube video and i’ve changed the ftm since then so 

surprise. this one’s a little different.

tetra’s mum exists